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Thematic Priorities developed during the 2018 ACM Planning Meeting for Mississippi Studies

Thematic Priorities developed during the 2018 ACM Planning Meeting for Mississippi Studies

As part of our public research efforts, we are publishing some of the preliminary ideas developed during the 2018 ACM Planning Meeting on Mississippi Studies. During the meeting, we had a brainstorming session on the thematic priorities for the initiative. Here is the list of what we came up. We will continue to refine and define them in future sessions:

Thematic Priorities

  • Previously Defined
    • Critical regionalism – define the Mississippi and its tributaries as a shared object of study and interconnection. Research will aspire to think about the Mississippi as involving and/or impacting multiple communities along its length.
    • Inter- Multi- Transdisciplinary research – bring researchers together in close proximity to create opportunities for integrated interdisciplinary research and the sharing of data, resources, research techniques that span the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.
    • Translocal collaboration – engage diverse constituencies along the Mississippi, including ACM colleges, scientific and cultural institutions, and urban, rural and underserved communities. Preliminary asset map (http://johnwkim.name/barge_maps/).
    • Model for off-campus research – Mississippi Studies can be a model for off-campus research by creating new ways to conceptualize the region, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. It can also create opportunities for students to pursue research on different ACM campuses and field stations.
  • Networking Colleges
  • Research
    • Mapping, visualizing connections — “Making Invisible Visible”
    • Enhancing trans- connections
      • How to connect across lines, borders, divisions.
        • For example, academy-activism, urban-rural, land-water, collective-personal, etc.
    • “Flow”
      • How can research flow through, between different topics, researchers, sites
    • Localizing big Issues facing 21st Century
      • Connect local research to the main crisis we now face
    • Health
      • Impacts of the Mississippi River (pollution, flooding, scarcity, economic factors) on human, non-human, animal
    • Colonial and racial histories of the MIssissippi
      • “Whose Mississippi?”
  • Pedagogy / Student experience
    • Applied Learning
      • Public engagement and service
      • Activism
      • Policy change
    • Integrated Student Learning Experience
      • Connect to trans- connections above
    • Transferability of skills and knowledge
    • Ethics
      • Responsibilities, accountability
        • Collective, personal
      • Listening
      • Community-based